December 2018 Holidays from Around the World

Review Another month, another Spice Madam box! This month was holiday spices from around the world, including empanadas with chimichurri sauce from Argentina, glühwein from Germany (not pictured), saffron lussekatter from Sweden, biryani from India, and melomakarona from Greece. Everything has been delicious, and we’ve had so much fun with the last 2 boxes (andContinue reading “December 2018 Holidays from Around the World”

November 2018 France

Review For his birthday, Erik got a 3 month subscription to Spice Madam. This month’s box was France themed, so this week’s meals are Tarte Aux Asperges, French Gratin Dauphinois, Ratatouille (not pictured), Coq Au Vin (not pictured), Bœuf Bourguignon (not pictured), and Lavender French Madeleines. Can’t wait to see what next month’s box’s themeContinue reading “November 2018 France”