December 2018 Holidays from Around the World


  • Biryani Masala
  • Cardamom Pods
  • Chimichurri Blend
  • Holiday Dessert Spice
  • Saffron Powder


  • Indian Biryani
  • Argentinian Chimichurri
  • German Gluhwein
  • Greek Melomakarona
  • Swedish Lussekatter (Saffron Buns)
  • Argentinian Empanada (Beef or Corn)


Another month, another Spice Madam box! This month was holiday spices from around the world, including empanadas with chimichurri sauce from Argentina, gl├╝hwein from Germany (not pictured), saffron lussekatter from Sweden, biryani from India, and melomakarona from Greece. Everything has been delicious, and we’ve had so much fun with the last 2 boxes (and are sure that next month’s box will be just as great), that as a Christmas gift to ourselves, we decided to purchase another year of boxes!

More information on Spice Madam here.

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