Copy-cat Acadame Lobster Pot Pie

The popular Food Network show, Best Thing I Ever Ate, featured an entry from Iron Chef Cat Cora for the lobster pot pie at Acadame. See the episode clip here: Before Acadame closed, we went and tried this amazing pot pie and were sad that we couldn’t get it on our most recent tripContinue reading “Copy-cat Acadame Lobster Pot Pie”

Cider Donut Cider Faceoff

It’s that time of year again. The leaves are changing color, the temperatures are falling, and the cider donut ciders are back on the shelves. It’s hard to say who was the first ones to do it, but now there are many different cider companies who make a cider donut variation. Which is the best?Continue reading “Cider Donut Cider Faceoff”

Cabot vs. Annie’s Boxed Mac n Cheese

We previously did a taste test of all the Annie’s boxed mac n cheeses, and thought that would be the end of it… Until we spotted Cabot mac n cheese on the shelf. We knew right away we needed to pit it up against Annie’s to see which was better. Though we saw multiple varietiesContinue reading “Cabot vs. Annie’s Boxed Mac n Cheese”