The Basics

What is Economical Eats?

This website was created for one purpose and one purpose only: To share how I meal plan and meal prep to help others realize the benefits of meal planning and prepping, including cost savings, stress relief, and health improvements. This website is my place to collect weekly grocery sales, weekly meal plans, taste tests, andContinue reading “What is Economical Eats?”

Meal Planning 101

We’ve talked about what meal planning IS, now we need to talk about HOW to meal plan. The first thing is to figure out who you are meal planning for. Is it just you? You and a spouse? You and some kids? We need to know not only how many people you are planning for,Continue reading “Meal Planning 101”

Meal Prepping 101

Now that you’ve got your meal plan all figured out, it’s time to start prepping. Prepping includes preparing ingredients and meals ahead of time and consuming them when needed. Prepping ingredients: This single step will make your life so much easier. Think about any TV cooking show. What do they all have in common? NoContinue reading “Meal Prepping 101”

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