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Misfits Market – Get 30% off your first order with code COOKWME-LU7UUJ
Organic produce that would have been thrown away due to not looking “perfect”, delivered right to your door. It makes eating organic affordable.

HelloFresh – Get $40 off your first box with code HS-LYF8ML103
Pre-portioned ingredients shipped to your door to make recipes you get to choose each week. Takes the guesswork out of meal planning and prepping.

Grove Collaborative – Get a free gift set
Eco-friendly products for cleaning and home. Grove Collaborative has everything you need to prepare and package food and clean up after cooking.

Amazon Kitchen Items – Check out kitchen products I own here!

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Helpful Links

Shaw’s Just For U
Shaw’s couponing app that rewards you with not only coupon savings, but money off the more you spend. Much easier than physical coupon clipping.

Find recipes based on ingredients you have:

Spice Madam
A monthly culinary adventure to a location from around the world. They ship you the spices and recipes, you pick up the ingredients and cook it. Plus, they supply a playlist so you can listen to authentic tunes while prepping!

While not everything at Costco is a good deal, many items you can purchase at Costco are in bulk, and bulk typically costs less than smaller packages. You need a membership to shop at Costco, so if you don’t have one, consider going with a friend who does!

Online culinary classes to teach you anything from basics like knife skills to more advanced classes like dry-heat cooking methods.
Store all your favorite recipes online so you can access them from anywhere. Plus apply tags and use the search feature to find all recipes that use a certain ingredient.
Stop using so many paper towels and switch to the reuseable paper towel – Swedish dish clothes.

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