Black Flannel Brewing

Rating: 5 out of 5.

What we ordered:

We’ve gotten many things from Black Flannel over the years, including:

  • Smash burger (what you wish a fast food burger tasted like!)
  • Chicken and waffles (to DIE for)
  • Fish and chips (some of the best outside of London)
  • Cauliflower steak (an amazingly hearty and flavorful veggie dish)
  • Bavarian pretzel (the beer cheese and spicy mustard sauces are incredible!)
  • Fried chicken sandwich
  • Fried calamari
  • Beer cheese pasta
  • Chicken wings

The Verdict

Black Flannel has no business being as good as they are. As a brewery, the standard is great beer, just ok bar food. Black Flannel has blown this stereotype out of the water by providing excellent beer, even better food, amazing mixed drinks, and impeccable service.

They routinely switch up their menu, but keep a few classics on there all the time, so you can always find something you like, whether it’s a temporary new item or an old standby. The servers are all super nice and helpful, and knowledgeable about the menu.

Our only complaint is that the space can get a bit loud as it’s all open without a lot of sound paneling, but they also offer outdoor seating during the summer to avoid that issue. We also never have an issue getting a seat, even on a Friday night (which speaks to just how underrated this place is, they should never have a free seat in the house, in our opinion!).

If you haven’t been to Black Flannel yet, do yourself a favor and give it a try, and it will likely become one of your favorites in your regular rotation of places to eat!

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