KC’s Bagels

http://kcsbagelcafe.com/ What we ordered: From KC’s, we’ve gotten many of their bagel and cream cheese varieties as well as their breakfast sandwich, the ZTW, which has egg, bacon, sausage, lettuce, Cabot cheddar, red pepper, and red onion on your choice of bagel: The Verdict KC’s Bagels makes some excellent bagels and cream cheeses for reasonableContinue reading “KC’s Bagels”

Worthy Burger, Worthy Burger Too, Worthy Kitchen

https://www.worthyvermont.com/ What we ordered: From Worthy Burger and Worthy Burger Too, we have had various combinations of toppings on the Worthy Burger, as well as the fried donuts for dessert, both of which are just incredible. From the Worthy Kitchen, the only items we got pictures of were the Worthy Mac n Cheese and ChickenContinue reading “Worthy Burger, Worthy Burger Too, Worthy Kitchen”

Red Hen Baking Company

What we ordered: There are a few go-tos that we have at Red Hen, though they frequently have specials that we will get. Among our typical order are the following: Pain au Chocolat – your typical crispy, crumbly, fall-apart, flaky croissant with a dark chocolate center. Kouign Amann (any variety) – said to be theContinue reading “Red Hen Baking Company”

Namaste Indian-Nepali Kitchen

https://www.indiannepalikitchen.com/ What we ordered: We have gotten takeout from Namaste many times, and while we have our favorites (denoted with a *), we have enjoyed everything we’ve tried. The Verdict Montpelier was sorely missing an Indian food option, so we are ecstatic that not only is there now one, but it’s top notch food. TheContinue reading “Namaste Indian-Nepali Kitchen”

The Meltdown

https://www.facebook.com/themeltdownbarre/ What we ordered: We ordered from the Meltdown for dinner one night and grabbed a Margherita Grilled Cheese, a Chopped Cheese Grilled Cheese, a Carbonara Grilled Cheese with Del’s Alfredo Sauce (a special the week we went), and an Apple, Fig, and Brie Grilled Cheese. Each of our sandwiches came with a small sideContinue reading “The Meltdown”

Black Diamond Barbeque

What we ordered: We grabbed the following dishes as takeout: BBQ poutine (not pictured), smoked brisket platter with brioche, side of mac n cheese, and Nashville hot chicken sandwich. Can we just talk a little bit more about the Nashville hot chicken sandwich? It’s on a homemade cheddar bacon biscuit. Yeah. They did that. NoContinue reading “Black Diamond Barbeque”

Boston Burger Company

https://www.bostonburgercompany.com/ What we ordered: On our numerous trips to Boston Burger Company (we’ve gone more than just the two we have talked about: 28 hour food trip and 12 hour food trip), we have gotten: The Verdict If you’re looking for epic burgers, indulgent milkshakes, and fattening fries – you have GOT to go toContinue reading “Boston Burger Company”