Worthy Burger, Worthy Burger Too, Worthy Kitchen

Rating: 5 out of 5.


What we ordered:

From Worthy Burger and Worthy Burger Too, we have had various combinations of toppings on the Worthy Burger, as well as the fried donuts for dessert, both of which are just incredible.

From the Worthy Kitchen, the only items we got pictures of were the Worthy Mac n Cheese and Chicken and Waffles (a limited time special) – which we got dine-in before COVID. However, since then we have grabbed takeout from Worthy Kitchen, including Worthy Fries (parmesan truffle variety), the Worthy Chikwich, and the Kitchen Burger. We haven’t ever gotten something that we didn’t absolutely love.

The Verdict

If you’re looking for elevated comfort food, the Worthy line of restaurants are for you. They offer really great food made with really great ingredients. You are guaranteed to leave full, satisfied, and at the same time, wanting to come back the next day. Some may balk at the prices, which are a bit higher than you might want to pay for “a burger”, but Worthy isn’t going to give you “a burger”. Their food is so great, you can taste the freshness and quality of the ingredients. They make well-composed dishes and their specials are always creative. Trust us, once you “give them a try”, you’ll be a regular before you know it!

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