Michael’s On The Hill

https://michaelsonthehill.com/ What we ordered: Roasted Mushroom Tartine with truffle honey gastrique – $15 The Roasted Mushroom Tartine was less mushroomy than we had anticipated. It was built on a very buttery toasted bread that was unable to be picked up. The truffle honey gastrique was very delicious, almost like a very garlicy balsamic vinegar. WeContinue reading “Michael’s On The Hill”

Hen of the Wood (Waterbury)

https://www.henofthewood.com/ What we ordered: Parker House Rolls with cultured butter and sea salt – $7 These 4 rolls were sweet, pillowy, chewy, doughy – all you would expect from a Parker House roll, with the added richness of cultured butter and topped with flaky sea salt. Squash Scarpinocc with brown butter, apple, and pumpkin seedsContinue reading “Hen of the Wood (Waterbury)”

Blue Paddle Bistro

https://www.bluepaddlebistro.store/ What we ordered: Crispy Fried Brussels Sprouts with bacon lardons, garden chives, and bourbon honey balsamic glaze – $10 These Brussels sprouts were amazing. Just the right amount of tang from the balsamic glaze, lots of great bacon flavor, but still able to taste the Brussels sprouts themselves as well. If you have readContinue reading “Blue Paddle Bistro”

Stowe Street Cafe

https://www.stowestreetcafe.com/ What we ordered: We have gotten a few things from Stowe Street Cafe, and nothing has been bad yet: Cinnamon Rolls – these are to die for. They are also VERY large – so keep that in mind when ordering! Baked Doughnuts Coffee Coffee Cake – one of the most moist, nutty, sugary coffeeContinue reading “Stowe Street Cafe”

Istanbul Kebab House

https://www.istanbulkebabhousevt.com/ What we ordered: Although we don’t believe any dish from Istanbul Kebab House could be bad, we typically stick to the following dishes: ALWAYS a large Meze Platter with an extra order of lavash A lamb kebab (either Döner, Adana, or Beyti), or the same kebabs as wraps for lunch Lamb or Vegetable GüveçContinue reading “Istanbul Kebab House”

Hong Kong Chinese

https://www.waterburyhongkong.com/ What we ordered: Our typical order from Hong Kong Chinese includes a combination of the following: Sesame Chicken (#106 or C36) or Orange Chicken (#109) Vegetable Lo Mein (#32 or C31) Crab Rangoon (#10) Egg Roll (#1) Beef Teriyaki (#8) Steamed Dumplings (#3) We do not generally prefer Hong Kong’s General Tso’s Chicken, soContinue reading “Hong Kong Chinese”