Istanbul Kebab House

Rating: 5 out of 5.

What we ordered:

Although we don’t believe any dish from Istanbul Kebab House could be bad, we typically stick to the following dishes:

  • ALWAYS a large Meze Platter with an extra order of lavash
  • A lamb kebab (either Döner, Adana, or Beyti), or the same kebabs as wraps for lunch
  • Lamb or Vegetable Güveç
  • Vegetable Stuffed Eggplant (İmam Bayıldı, see our copy-cat recipe here)

And if we have room for dessert, which we don’t usually, we are huge fans of both their Maple Baklava and Kunefe. If you have never had Kunefe, you are in for a real treat, but it is VERY rich, so it’s best to share.

The Verdict

Istanbul Kebab House not only makes some of the most delicious food you can get in Vermont, but they also have a great atmosphere for dining in. From the Turkish music playing in the background, to the semi-formal place settings, to the courteous staff, it is a great date night location or casual conversation meet-up location. You won’t feel intimidated nor over dressed in their flexible space. They have two levels of dining, plus a rooftop terrace in the warmer months. We’d include pictures here, but they have their own amazing photos of their gorgeous food on their website for your viewing pleasure.

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