Black Diamond Barbeque

Rating: 5 out of 5.

What we ordered:

We grabbed the following dishes as takeout: BBQ poutine (not pictured), smoked brisket platter with brioche, side of mac n cheese, and Nashville hot chicken sandwich.

Can we just talk a little bit more about the Nashville hot chicken sandwich? It’s on a homemade cheddar bacon biscuit. Yeah. They did that. No only was it crispy and juicy chicken, but it was on an incredible biscuit. Perfect pairing that we haven’t seen done anywhere else.

We have also gone in person and the food was even more delicious:

Nashville Hot Chicken sandwich in the foreground, a half rack of ribs platter in the background. Don’t forget the maple habanero baked beans!

The Verdict

If you want good barbeque and no long wait times, this is your spot. The food was amazing, the staff was friendly, and it was a pretty low-contact pick-up process for takeout. We really enjoyed the food and while Morristown seems far away, it’s really not that far – definitely close enough where we will be paying these folks another visit in the near future. Give them a try and you won’t be disappointed.

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