Weekly Meal Plan 12/13/20 – 12/19/20

With pretty limited sales at Shaw’s again this week, we took inspiration from ingredients in our fridge that we wanted to use up:

Ginger dressing – a while back, we purchased a few different ginger dressings from the store to see if we could find anything remotely comparable to Koto’s salad dressing (which if you haven’t tried, you must. It is to die for and they sell it on its own, see our taste test between Koto and Hana here). While we were able to find one dressing that was similar, we had another dressing that wasn’t even close. In fact, it tasted pretty terrible on salad. But, we thought it would make a great salmon marinade. So this week we got some salmon from Costco for $6.99/lb and will be picking up from asparagus from Shaw’s as a side. For a starch, we have some Rice A Roni Cheddar Broccoli rice that we will make u

Salsa, sour cream, cheese – the sour cream and cheese are left over from our previous week’s baked potatoes, coupled with salsa, we thought we would make some nachos. We picked up a big bag of tortilla chips from Costco and will be grabbing some ground beef from Shaw’s to saute up with some taco seasoning (we make our own taco seasoning, stay tuned for the recipe in the future).

By looking at what we already had on hand, we were able to come up with some meals that use up ingredients that would go bad otherwise while only supplementing those ingredients with new items. It’s important that if you’re going to stock up when there are sales, to actually eventually use those ingredients, so not every week do we heavily rely on the sales to guide our meal plans.

What are you making this week for meals? Be sure to share photos with us on Instagram using hashtag #economicaleats!

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