Weekly Meal Plan 6/6/21 – 6/12/21

With the great deals at Shaw’s this week, we could see any combination of the following mains and sides being great meals this week: Mains: cherry glazed pork chops, smothered (cheese and sauteed mushrooms) pork chops, bbq ribs, lemon pepper shrimp, tuna sandwiches Sides: mashed potatoes, potatoes and onions on the grill, rice, fruit salad,Continue reading “Weekly Meal Plan 6/6/21 – 6/12/21”

Shaw’s Sales 6/4/21 – 6/10/21

View the ad for yourself here. Some great sales at Shaw’s this upcoming week: Pork Chops, bone in, 3 lbs+ $1.77/lb limit 2 pkgs Cherries $1.97/lb limit 2 bags Pork Ribs, previously frozen $2.97/lb limit 2 pkgs Raw Shrimp $5.97/lb limit 2 pkgs Lucerne bar, sliced, or shredded cheese $1.99 limit 4 Thomas’ English muffinsContinue reading “Shaw’s Sales 6/4/21 – 6/10/21”

Weekly Meal Plan 5/30/21 – 6/5/21

While we will make a few meal plan suggestions, we’re pretty sure most folks already have plans for what they are making for Memorial Day food. So our suggestion is just to make more of whatever you’re already making so you have leftovers to last you through the week. Based on the Shaw’s sales, hereContinue reading “Weekly Meal Plan 5/30/21 – 6/5/21”

Shaw’s Sales 5/28/21 – 6/3/21

View the ad for yourself here. Shaw’s is offering some pretty good deals for Memorial Day, including: Boneless Chicken Breast or Thighs $1.97/lb limit 2 pkgs Cut Watermelon 57c/lb 2 lbs Strawberries $3.97 18oz Blueberries $3.97 Bumble Bee Tuna B2G2 Entenmann’s BOGO Lays Potato or Kettle Chips $1.99 FAB 5 – buy 5 or moreContinue reading “Shaw’s Sales 5/28/21 – 6/3/21”

Weekly Meal Plan 5/23/21 – 5/29/21

Due to the lack of sales at Shaw’s this week, we are planning on doing some pantry cooking (using what we already have on hand) to make: Gochujang ribs (ribs are on sale, we have gochujang sauce in the freezer already proportioned out for a rack of ribs) with potatoes and onions on the grillContinue reading “Weekly Meal Plan 5/23/21 – 5/29/21”