Bread is such a staple in many households due to its versatility. It can be used for breakfast toast, a sandwich for lunch, or a side to dinner. Rolls, garlic bread, pita, naan – there are so many varieties to suit the dish you’re making. But – do you buy it from the store, or do you make it for yourself? We frequently do both, and decided to compare side by side to see if it’s better to make it or buy it.

If you haven’t tried our Old Fashioned Amish Bread recipe, you must. It is the epitome of easy and makes the most delicious bread that you’ll wonder why you ever bought other white bread from the store. While we haven’t done the price comparison to be sure of this, we are fairly certain that it is also cheaper than comparable store-brought breads. And let’s be real, nothing competes with the smell of bread baking, the amazing taste of freshly baked bread (still warm – ok hot – because you couldn’t wait for it to properly cool before slicing yourself a piece), and the knowledge of exactly what went into your bread – no artificial things, nothing you can’t pronounce. Just 6 simple ingredients.

While white bread is just on type of bread to look at, we’ve also found the same to be true with other breads like:

  • Naan – which is equally easy to make and comes out just as tasty as store-bought
  • Rolls – just take your favorite bread recipe and bake it in balls on a sheet tray instead of in a loaf pan, adjusting bake time accordingly
  • Pretzels – super easy to make, check out King Arthur’s Pretzel Bites – 6 dozen sounds like a lot, but be sure to make a full batch because you will not be able to stop eating them
  • Focaccia – the dough for this is so much fun to play with, you’ll want to make it again and again just to poke the dough!

It’s probably obvious by now, but out opinion is that if you’re looking for bread, you should definitely MAKE IT YOURSELF! Now, we aren’t saying we make all of our own bread all of the time. We are addicted to Arnold’s Oat Nut bread and usually just buy hot dog and hamburger buns from the store, but you can bet if someone asks us to bring bread to a potluck or family dinner or if we want to treat ourselves to a nicer meal, we’ll be making our own.

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