Green Chef

Green Chef markets themselves as a healthy meal kit delivery service, “the #1 meal kit for eating well”. They accommodate such diets as keto, plant-powered, paleo, gluten free, and vegan. They are also a certified organic company.

The three meals we picked from the available meals for the week were:

Sausage and Apple Farro Bowls

This delicious farro bowl had really great sausage with a deep, earthy flavor. The apples were sweet and just warmed through as opposed to cooked, which left some great texture. The kale added another great texture, which we expected from the nuts, though they seemed to get lost in the mix. The squash was the best part and paired really well with the zingy orange vinaigrette dressing. Overall, the dish was rich and hearty, though admittedly best suited for the fall season (as opposed to spring/summer when we made it). Our only complaint was that it was a bit on the oily side, but that could easily be adjusted the next time we make this. We may also add onion – not that it was lacking it, but it might be a good addition.

In terms of reheating, this dish held up remarkably well. We stored the veggies and farro together, then added in the nuts, craisins, dressing after microwaving. The sausage flavor intensified overnight, and the apples got less crunchy (as they were microwaved).

Butter Basted Barramundi

The fish was good – not super fishy, but had good skin. The quinoa was a bit bland, but that was completely made up for by the salad, which was incredible.

Reheating the second day, the quinoa got better, the fish stayed the same, and the salad unfortunately did not hold up. It almost congealed.

Korean Fried Rice with Kimchi

This dish was pretty good, especially the mushrooms and kimchi. The carrots, peas, and rice were a bit bland, but on the whole, this fried rice was definitely something we wouldn’t have thought to make on our own and reheated well throughout the week.

Overall, these dishes were creative, tasty, and stood the test of time/reheating very well.

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