Cabot vs. Annie’s Boxed Mac n Cheese

We previously did a taste test of all the Annie’s boxed mac n cheeses, and thought that would be the end of it… Until we spotted Cabot mac n cheese on the shelf. We knew right away we needed to pit it up against Annie’s to see which was better. Though we saw multiple varieties (including pepperjack and bacon), we started by pitting the Seriously Sharp against Annie’s White Cheddar. And there was a clear winner.


Both brands of boxed mac n cheese had many similarities. For example, they are both made with organic pasta, contain 280 calories per serving, and are prepared in the same way (boil pasta, drain, add 3 tablespoons of milk, optionally 2 tablespoons of butter [which we opted for], and stir in the cheese packet).


6.25 oz of Seriously Sharp “Shells & Premium Aged Cabot Cheddar”.


6 oz of “Shells & White Cheddar”



$2.79/box (we were able to get it for $1.49/box on sale)


Immediately upon mixing up the shells with the cheese sauce, it was apparent that the Cabot mac n cheese was creamier and richer looking. The sauce seemed to grab on to the noodles and tighten up just a bit more than the Annie’s, which seemed almost watery in comparison. The taste backed up those initial reactions. The Cabot was creamy, a little tangy (as sharp cheddar is) and was a really nice thickness. The Annie’s, while still good, tasted more milky than cheesy and left a lot of sauce in the bottom of the pan. For the original prices, it is NO BRAINER to get the Cabot. And, even with Annie’s being cheaper on sale, we think it is still worth paying the extra 50 cents to get the Cabot. Keep your eyes peeled for an upcoming review on the additional Cabot flavors!

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