Misfits Market

Misfits Market is a produce delivery box that rescues odd-looking organic produce from being thrown away just because of its looks. To be honest, we have never received anything abnormal looking in our boxes, as you can see from the photos, but apparently they are too weird looking for grocery stores to sell it. We love Misfits Market because they make eating organic affordable. Plus, it’s delivered right to your door so you don’t even have to brave COVID to get fresh fruits and veggies.

UPDATE: The box information below is no longer accurate. Misfits Market has changed their business model from a random selection of produce at a certain weight to a choose your own produce, where you aren’t limited by weight and pay for each item you add to your box each week. However, the promo code is still active and will still give you $10 off!

You get to choose both your delivery day (Monday-Saturday) as well as your delivery frequency (weekly or biweekly). You can easily skip shipments if needed as well, as far as 2 months out. They have two options in terms of box size:

Mischief Box
$22 (valued at $35)
12 varieties of produce

Madness Box
$35 (valued at $65)
14 varieties of produce

We typically grab a Madness box to have enough fruits and veggies to feed the 2 of us for a full week. We occasionally have enough produce to last even a little longer than that, especially if we get hearty veggies like winter squash that can last for a while. For both box sizes, you get to choose whether you would like your produce to be a surprise or if you want to customize your box. You get to make this choice each shipment, so you can pick your own produce some weeks and choose to be surprised other weeks.

They also have a Marketplace, where you can shop pantry staples, from butter to flour, jams and jellies to nuts, coffee to pasta, chocolate to olive oil, and hand sanitizer to more fruits and veggies. These items are an additional cost to your box but are heavily discounted from typical prices.

If you’d like to give Misfits Market organic produce a try, delivered to your door, for much less than you would pay in the grocery store, be sure to use our code COOKWME-LU7UUJ to get $10 off your first box. This coupon would make the Mischief Box $12 and the Madness Box $25!

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