Shaw’s Sales 11/6/20 – 11/12/20

View the ad for yourself here if the date range above is still active or use the download link below if this week’s sales have passed.

Unfortunately, while there are sales at Shaw’s this week, not a whole lot of them are spectacular. We consider the following to be deals worth taking advantage of:

  • 10% discount on entire shopping order when you show your Military ID (excludes prescriptions, alcohol, tobacco, etc.)

FAB 5 – buy 5 or more of these items in a single transaction to get the discounted price for each item

  • Prince Pasta 99c

Just for U Savings

  • Campbell’s Chunky Soup 97c limit 4

Weeks like this, we suggest looking at what you have on hand already and supplementing with new purchases rather than using the weekly sales to determine what you make for meals. For example, maybe you have chicken and frozen veggies in your freezer and some bread crumbs in your pantry. Maybe make breaded chicken with a side of frozen veggies and make some bread (if you need a good recipe, try our Old Fashioned Amish bread recipe – it’s not hard to make bread!). Maybe you’ve already got some pasta sauce and can use the Prince Pasta deal to grab some pasta for now and more to have on hand for later. Good luck getting creative with the ingredients you already have on hand. If you make something awesome, be sure to share it with us on Instagram using hashtag #economicaleats.

Don’t forget, if you haven’t already signed up for Just for U rewards, you can clip digital coupons and get rewarded the more you purchase. They even have an app for your smartphone. Sign up here.

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