A staple in Italian fare, ravioli is a stuffed pasta that can be so versatile depending on what it’s stuffed with. We found ourselves frequently grabbing the premade bags at the store, whether it was fresh ravioli like Rana in the deli section or a frozen ravioli to keep in the freezer for emergencies. Once we got a pasta attachment for our KitchenAid mixer, we knew we had to give making our own ravioli a try – not only because it would be fun to fill it with whatever our heart desired, but also to decide whether it was worth making it ourselves versus buying it premade.

Starting off, we made a dough and rolled it into thin sheets. Once we had two sheets, we dolloped our filling (a creamy mushroom mixture) into tablespoon-sized portions onto one of the sheets and topped it with the other sheet. Pressing in between each dollop to seal the edges, we then cut between the dollops to create individual raviolis. We took a fork to crimp the edges to both enhance the seal and make them look pretty.

It was certainly a fun process, and we felt pretty proud that we were able to create our own ravioli so easily. While it was very cool to control our own filling, it took quite a while to make only a few raviolis. They tasted great, but no better than the store-bought stuff. In the end, we decided that while we would make our own ravioli again, it would be only for a special occasion or for fun – certainly not each week or as a go-to when we want ravioli. For the most part, we will stick to the premade stuff which isn’t very expensive comparatively to making your own at home.

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