April 2019 Portugal


  • Portuguese Smoked Sweet Paprika
  • Portuguese Anise
  • Portuguese Piri Piri


  • Ervilhas Guisadas
  • Porco à Alentejana
  • Arroz de Marisco
  • Folar da Pascoa
  • Bolashas de Espece


April’s Spice Madam box was Portuguese. We had high hopes, but it was not our best box. The ervilhas guisadas (braised peas with eggs) turned out pretty well, and so did the porco à alentejana (braised pork and clams) and the arroz de marisco (seafood rice – not pictured), but the folar da pascoa (Easter bread) refused to cook all the way through, and the bolashas de espece (horseshoe cookies – not pictured) just did not taste good. We ended up salvaging the bread by cutting it into pieces and baking for much longer than called for, but the cookies were thrown out. We also did not have quite enough Portuguese Smoked Sweet Paprika to make all the recipes and had way too much Portuguese Piri Piri – which is fine, we will use it at a later date, but Spice Madam switched out their resealable spice bags for ones that don’t reseal! Overall disappointed with this box. Hoping for a better experience in May!

More information on Spice Madam here.

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