Eggos: Homestyle vs. Buttermilk

Yeah, we taste test everything. Seriously, how different can two styles of frozen waffles be? You’d be surprised.

Homestyle Eggos come in the orange box and are described on their website as “America’s classic Eggo® waffle. Eggo® Homestyle Waffles are the taste of homemade without all of the work. Enjoy the crispy, convenient family favorite.”

Eggo’s Buttermilk waffles come in the blue box and are described on their website as “Rise and shine with this classic buttermilk favorite. Delicious Eggo® Buttermilk Waffles taste like home. With a light crispy texture, Eggo® Buttermilk Waffles pair perfectly with syrup, jams, or fresh fruit. They are, as always, a delicious start to your day.”

Of note, we did not read these descriptions until after our taste test.

In the pictures to the right (homestyle on top and buttermilk on bottom in each), you can see what the waffles looked like after we toasted them in our toaster oven. We toasted all 4 at the same time for the same amount of time, so everything was equal except for the style of waffle. The buttermilk waffles appear to be slightly larger on the plate, but this is an optical illusion of the photo angle – they were the same size, we promise.

The homestyle waffles were crispy and sweet, whereas the buttermilk waffles were more sour, tangier, and fluffier. Sound familiar? Yeah, we were shocked too! The advertised difference between the two styles was actually perceivable without even knowing what the difference is supposed to be!

The Verdict

Overall, they are both frozen waffles and ultimately comes down to personal preference to decide which one is “better”. Our favorite out of the two is the Buttermilk, but we are so curious to see which you all prefer. Wait until they go on BOGO or some other sale, grab a box of each, give them a try side-by-side (extra points for a blind taste test), and let us know your preference:

2 thoughts on “Eggos: Homestyle vs. Buttermilk

  1. I love waffles more than anything. One time I shot a guy and stole his wallet so I could afford more waffles. Fucking brilliant they are. I would do FUCKING ANYTHING for more waffles. Test me, I FUCKING LOVE WAFFLES AGHHHH!

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