Weekly Meal Plan 1/17/21 – 1/23/21

Due to the minimal sales at Shaw’s this week, we decided to go freezer shopping. We looked at what we had on hand in the freezer and made meals from that.

Cheesy smothered chicken breast with mashed potatoes and a green side – we had chicken breast in the freezer along with cheese that we will be using to make this meal. It will require that we supplemental with some onions, mushrooms, and potatoes, all things that are usually pretty affordable even if not on sale. We will also be picking out a green veggie to pair with this once we get to the store. We would like to make Brussels sprouts, but depending on their price, we may opt for the on-sale broccoli or other reasonably priced green veggie.

Steak fajitas with cilantro lime rice and spiced black beans – we had steak tips in the freezer along with some corn tortillas and cotija cheese. We will be supplementing that with some packaged cilantro lime rice (we’ve tried making homemade and found it just doesn’t compare to the boxed stuff!) and some peppers and onions.

Breakfast this week will consist of some bagels and quiche, both of which we are pulling out of the freezer.

Did you think of something creative to make with this week’s sales? Share with us on Instagram using hashtag #economicaleats.

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