Weekly Meal Plan 11/15/20 – 11/21/20

Based on the Shaw’s sales this week and what we have in our freezer, fridge, and pantry to use up, we came up with the following meals for this final week before Thanksgiving:

English muffin pizzas and salad – No, English muffins pizzas aren’t just for kids. They are a great, easy dish that will use up some leftover pizza sauce in our fridge as well as some packages of English muffins in our freezer that we originally bought to make breakfast sandwiches on (check out our breakfast sandwiches here), but we haven’t needed to make more breakfast sandwiches for a while.

Chicken and vegetable korma – We would be buying the chicken on sale this week, but we already have some in our freezer. We will be taking advantage of the sale on broccoli and carrots, and supplementing with large bags of potatoes and onions (the rest of which we will use for Thanksgiving), frozen peas, and green beans. We will also be grabbing some naan bread and already have some chutney and white rice on hand.

What are you making the week before Thanksgiving? We always try to stay away from the typical Thanksgiving fare so we aren’t sick of it by the time Thanksgiving comes around. Share your meal plan with us in the comments below or on Instagram with hashtag #economicaleats.

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