Weekly Meal Plan 11/22/20 – 11/28/20

This week is a bit different for our meal plan given that Thursday is Thanksgiving. While we won’t be getting together with family due to the governor’s mandate, we will still be making Thanksgiving fare. Keep an eye out for our Monday post regarding the details of what our Thanksgiving plans are this year.

Because of this, our meal plan is less focused on what is on sale at Shaw’s this week and more about what we want to make. Of course, we will also be supplementing with other food for the days prior to Thanksgiving, but nothing too extravagant. We will most likely work out of our freezer and pantry to try to make things that aren’t too labor intensive so that we aren’t sick of cooking come Thanksgiving.

For Thanksgiving, we are making mashed potatoes, sweet potato pie, and rolls. Thankfully (pun intended), we either have most of the ingredients we need on hand, or they just happen to be on sale because it’s what most people are making for Thanksgiving.

What are you planning to make for Thanksgiving? Share ideas and pictures of the final product with us on Instagram using hashtag #economicaleats!

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