Weekly Meal Plan 12/27/20 – 1/2/21

As we work through our Christmas leftovers and meals from last week, it’s time to think about what we will be eating the week of New Years! It’s hard to believe this is the last meal plan of 2020. Just like always, we took a look in our fridge and at the sales at Shaw’s to figure out what’s on our menu.

BLAHs – You’ve probably heard of BLTs. If not, it’s bacon, lettuce, tomato sandwiches, usually with mayo as a spread. Well, BLAHs are BLT’s long lost cousin, and they are equally as delicious (maybe even more delicious for those who don’t like tomatoes). They are bacon, lettuce, avocado, and hummus (homemade hummus recipe here). No mayo, so they are a bit healthier, but just as hearty. We have an avocado left over from our sushi we made last week (stay tuned for our sushi recipe!), bacon left from Christmas brunch, and chips left over from clam dip that was an appetizer to Christmas dinner, so what better way to use all 3 of those things up than some sandwiches and chips!

Scrounge – that’s right, we are planning to not plan. We always have ingredients on hand to make quick meals like pasta or English muffins pizzas. We are going to get creative with what we have in the house, both because the sales at Shaw’s were pretty limited and because we aren’t sure how long our Christmas leftovers will last. We don’t want to overstock ourselves with food, and we are planning on eating at least a few meals out within the next week. So if it isn’t leftovers, going out, or BLAHs, it’s a “fend for yourself” situation to use what we have in the house.

We hope everyone had a joyful holiday season and are healthy and happy moving into the new year!

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