Weekly Meal Plan 2/21/21 – 2/27/21

While the deals at Shaw’s this week were pretty good, they didn’t necessarily lend themselves to being combined into a meal. And, many of the deals are on seafood, which we had last week, so we had to come up with this week’s meals using things we have on hand in addition to the sales:

Tuna sandwiches with chips – Tuna at Buy 2 Get 2 is fairly decent and combined with 2 bags of Lay’s Potato or Kettle chips on for $1.47 each will last for a week of lunches.

Spaghetti and meatballs – we always have pasta and pasta sauce on hand and can use either the ground beef or ground turkey to make meatballs to go with it.

While definitely not the most creative dishes, they are hearty and inexpensive and will carry us through until next when hopefully the sales are a little more conducive to creating a meal out of them!

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