Ove Gloves

If you have ever used mittens in the winter months to keep your hands warm, you are aware of how limiting it is to effectively have one giant paddle-finger and a thumb. So why are you still using oven mitts? It’s time to upgrade your kitchen in a way you never thought possible – Ove Gloves.

The flexibility and dexterity you get with a glove is unmatched by any other product we’ve tried. It is also SUPER heat resistant, so long as it is not wet. You can grab things out of a broiler and hold on to them for a while before feeling any heat. And the heat is very slow to penetrate the fabric, so you have plenty of time before something because SO HOT YOU HAVE TO PUT IT DOWN RIGHT NOW OMG WHERE DO I PUT THIS? (Sound like any situation you’ve been in?)

They are a little on the pricey side, but they are incredibly durable. We have two pair (because there are two of us, and there’s nothing worse than not having enough pot holders for everyone), and we’ve had them for years. You can pop them in the wash if they get dirty and their integrity isn’t sacrificed. Be sure to pick up 2 for yourself here. Please note they come 1 to a pack.

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