Pete’s Greens Good Eats CSA

After Misfits Market changed their business model from random produce to choose your own produce, the fun of getting a mystery box was lost, and we stopped ordering. Some friends introduced us to Pete’s Green’s Good Eats CSA which is a happy medium between not knowing what you’re going to get until you get it and choosing what you’re going to get.

This beautiful red arrowhead cabbage and these huge leeks are from one of our boxes from Pete’s Greens.

Pete’s Greens has many CSA options to choose from, so you’re bound to find a share that works for you. And all of them are super reasonably priced and are available for contactless pickup each week or biweekly, whichever best fits your lifestyle. The best part is they offer produce year-round, which was surprising given winter in VT.

Pete’s CSA pickups are on Wednesdays, which is the only thing we would change if we could, as we meal prep on the weekends and so getting fresh veggies on a Wednesday isn’t ideal. What is nice is that Pete’s Greens sends out an email the Thursday before pickup day listing what veggies they anticipate on including in your bag. This allows for meal planning, as long as you leave some wiggle room as the veggies may change slightly. Then, on Tuesday, the day before pickup day, they send out an email with an updated produce list so you know what you’ll be picking up.

On pickup day, they make it so easy to grab your produce and go – at your selected pickup location, there will be a checklist with all of the things you need to grab – usually just your box, but if something didn’t fit in the box or you ordered any add-on pantry items, those may be separate. You simply check them off as you grab them, and you can be on your way.

Read more about all of Pete’s Greens Good Eats different CSA shares here: and use our referral code when you sign up: y2aLjs2

To give you an idea of what we’ve gotten, one week we received cabbage, a red onion, a white onion, 3 shallots, carrots, 5 red potatoes, 3 small rutabagas and pea shoots.

With those ingredients, we made Pork and Cabbage Stir Fry with Pea Shoots and this vegetarian meatloaf with mashed root veggies and Bacon Braised Cabbage (recipe coming soon) as our two meals. We got 6 servings out of the stir fry and 8 servings out of the veggie meatloaf. Not bad for $25 worth of produce!

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