May 2020 Brazil


  • Paprika
  • Tempero Baiano
  • Bay leaves


  • Coxinhas de Frango
  • Brazilian Rice
  • Moqueca Seafood Stew
  • Vegetarian Feijoada
  • Brigadeiros


A little late, but our May Spice Madam box was from Brazil! With paprika, tempero baiano, and bay leaves, we made Coxinhas de Frango (a fried ball of dough filled with a creamy lime chicken mixture), Brazilian Rice, Moqueca Seafood Stew, Vegetarian Feijoada, and Brigadeiros. The Brigadeiros recipe called for sprinkles on the outside, but we did a little experiment with various other ingredients, including both toasted and untoasted versions of coconut, walnuts, and pecans, toasted almonds, lightly salted pistachios, and mini chocolate chips. Both of our favorites was the toasted coconut; Erik’s second favorite was the toasted walnut and mine was the toasted pecan. Our favorite dish was the Vegetarian Feijoada, even though it isn’t pictured here (it wasn’t much to look at, but made up for that in taste). We also received some Ground Coriander, but none of the included recipes called for it, so we will have to find a use for that in the future.

More information on Spice Madam here.

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