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If you read this blog but have never watched Buzz Feed’s “Worth It” series, I’ve got hours of entertainment for you to binge during COVID. A while ago, we watched Worth It’s $2 Pizza Vs. $2,000 Pizza (New York City) before heading to New York City ourselves. And while we didn’t try the $2,000 Pizza option, we did try the $2 Joe’ Pizza and the $13 Eataly Pizza to determine which of the two WE thought was the most worth it at its price point.

Joe’s Pizza

We went to the Joe’s Pizza located at 7 Carmine Street, though they have 3 other locations around New York City, 1 in Brooklyn, and one in Michigan.


Like Joes, Eataly has multiple locations around the US and one in Canada. We went to the one located in the NYV Flatiron building at 200 Fifth Ave.


Your typical pizza joint, Joe’s was tiny, packed, and slamming out slices like no tomorrow. Service was fast considering the volume of customers, and the pizza was HOT.

Eataly is a fairly upscale market with a pizzeria in the back. While we only spent a few hours there, we easily could have spent more time and still not seen everything there was to see in the market.





The pizza had VERY fresh ingredients, almost too much so. The depth of flavor everyone loves about pizza seemed to be lacking, despite the ingredients being quality and well-dispersed. We did appreciate that in every bite, you got a little of each topping.

Nothing beats a pizza cooked in a real pizza oven. The charred crust with the bubbling cheese, the depth of the tomato sauce and the fresh basil garnished on top. Our only complaint was that you only got basil in a few bites, not all of them.

The Verdict

Of course which pizza you like will depend on your mood. We all occasionally want cheap pizza, but if you want to spend a little more and get a LOT more, Eataly is your choice. That pizza was so delicious and and the perfect happy medium between price and taste. We would strongly recommend Eataly to anyone, not only for the pizza, but for the vast market as well.

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