Weekly Meal Plan 4/11/21 – 4/17/21

Taking a look at the sales at Shaw’s this week, we would suggest keeping things simple, with: Loaded salad with cucumbers, peppers, and chicken. Maybe consider a Southwest Salad. Fish and chips – but with actual chips instead of fries. Grab some cod fillets, bread them, bake or fry, and voila. What are you makingContinue reading “Weekly Meal Plan 4/11/21 – 4/17/21”

Weekly Meal Plan 4/4/21 – 4/10/21

As Shaw’s continues to offer Easter-themed sales this week, we’d encourage Easter fare whether or not you celebrate the holiday, with ham or beef roast, potatoes, squash, and asparagus. What are you making this week? Let us know in the comments below or share photos of your finished creations on Instagram using hashtag #economicaleats.

Weekly Meal Plan 3/28/21 – 4/3/21

We think the following meals make good use of the sales at Shaw’s this week: Early Easter dinner – with ham, potatoes, and Rice A Roni or Pasta Roni, it’s easy to throw together an Easter feast, even if it is a little early for the actual holiday. Southwest Salad – take our recipe atContinue reading “Weekly Meal Plan 3/28/21 – 4/3/21”

Weekly Meal Plan 3/21/21 – 3/27/21

What better way to say hello to spring and take advantage of the sales at Shaw’s this week than to do some grilling! Some marinated steak tips on the grill with a side of tuna pasta salad and some ice cream for dessert – what’s more spring than that? How about some salmon on theContinue reading “Weekly Meal Plan 3/21/21 – 3/27/21”

Weekly Meal Plan 3/14/21 – 3/20/21

We think the following meals take great advantage of the sales at Shaw’s this week: If you celebrate St. Patrick’s Day (or maybe even if you don’t), you’ll probably be making corned beef and cabbage this week. Fortunately, a lot of the ingredients that are on sale for St. Patty’s day also lend themselves wellContinue reading “Weekly Meal Plan 3/14/21 – 3/20/21”

Weekly Meal Plan 3/7/21 – 3/13/21

The sales at Shaw’s this week lend themselves very well toward the following dishes: Red sauce pasta with sausage or ground beef – this would include things like ziti or lasagna or just some rotini in red sauce with red peppers, onions, and sausage or ground beef. Breakfast for dinner including English muffins, sausage, andContinue reading “Weekly Meal Plan 3/7/21 – 3/13/21”

Weekly Meal Plan 2/28/21 – 3/6/21

There are so many great sales at Shaw’s this week, that we won’t be taking advantage of given that we ordered a Green Chef box (review coming soon). If we were making meals based on the sales, they might be as follows: Smothered chicken breast – chicken breast topped with sauteed mushrooms and melted cheese,Continue reading “Weekly Meal Plan 2/28/21 – 3/6/21”

Weekly Meal Plan 2/21/21 – 2/27/21

While the deals at Shaw’s this week were pretty good, they didn’t necessarily lend themselves to being combined into a meal. And, many of the deals are on seafood, which we had last week, so we had to come up with this week’s meals using things we have on hand in addition to the sales:Continue reading “Weekly Meal Plan 2/21/21 – 2/27/21”

Weekly Meal Plan 2/14/21 – 2/20/21

Shaw’s had some pretty decent sales this week, so we came up with the following meals: Seafood pasta – using the on-sale shrimp and scallops with the FAB5 Prince Pasta Sandwiches and chips – using the deal on chips/Smartfood and Smithfield bacon and sliced cheese With Valentine’s Day coming up this Sunday, we wanted toContinue reading “Weekly Meal Plan 2/14/21 – 2/20/21”

Weekly Meal Plan 2/7/21 – 2/13/21

Looking at this week’s sales at Shaw’s, we came up with the following meal ideas: BBQ marinated steak tips with potatoes (on the grill if we feel like braving the snow, oven roasted if we want to keep it inside) and some sort of veggie (steamed broccoli?). Italian sausages with onions and peppers with aContinue reading “Weekly Meal Plan 2/7/21 – 2/13/21”