Weekly Meal Plan 4/18/21 – 4/24/21

Here’s what we’re making with the ingredients that are on sale this week at Shaw’s:

NY Strip Steak with mashed potatoes and either green beans with butter and almonds or steamed or roasted broccoli. We’re making this Texas Roadhouse inspired dish in lieu of spending the money on takeout – plus, it’ll feed us for the whole week. Keep an eye out for upcoming blog posts on how to make Texas Roadhouse at home – including those amazing rolls!

Homemade sushi – using the cucumber, mango, avocado, and maybe some shrimp if we get fancy with it. Intimidated by making sushi at home? Look for our upcoming blog post on how to tackle that. It’s much easier than it seems, we promise!

What are you making this week? Let us know in the comments below or share photos of your finished creations on Instagram using hashtag #economicaleats.

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