Weekly Meal Plan 5/2/21 – 5/8/21

Some meals that take good advantage of the Shaw’s sales this week are: Steak tips on the grill with onion and green pepper kabobs served along side some Rice a Roni makes an excellent summery meal that is super simple and quick to prepare. Mexican – whether it’s burritos, tacos, or nachos, marinate some beefContinue reading “Weekly Meal Plan 5/2/21 – 5/8/21”

Shaw’s Sales 4/30/21 – 5/6/21

View the ad for yourself here. Check out the sales Shaw’s is offering this week: Steak Tips 3lbs+ $5.97/lb limit 2 pkgs Pork Chops 3lbs+ $1.77/lb limit 2 pkgs Plum tomatoes 97c/lb Sweet onions 97c/lb Green peppers 97c Lay’s Potato or Kettle Chips $1.9 limit 4 Kellogg’s cereal, Special K, Pop Tarts $1.49 must buyContinue reading “Shaw’s Sales 4/30/21 – 5/6/21”

Weekly Meal Plan 4/25/21 – 5/1/21

Here are some suggestions of meals that take advantage of this week’s sales at Shaw’s: With sausages and peppers on sale, we would highly recommend making some Italian sausages with onions and peppers. It would pair nicely with some coleslaw (on sale) or a salad (on sale). Or, if pasta is more your thing (andContinue reading “Weekly Meal Plan 4/25/21 – 5/1/21”

Shaw’s Sales 4/23/21 – 4/29/21

View the ad for yourself here. Check out the sales Shaw’s is offering this week: 80/20 Ground Beef 3lbs+ $2.47 limit 2 pkgs Perri Sausage $2.47 limit 2 pkgs Nabisco crackers $1.99 limit 4 Daisy sour cream 2/$4 FAB 5 – buy 5 or more of these items in a single transaction to get theContinue reading “Shaw’s Sales 4/23/21 – 4/29/21”

Weekly Meal Plan 4/18/21 – 4/24/21

Here’s what we’re making with the ingredients that are on sale this week at Shaw’s: NY Strip Steak with mashed potatoes and either green beans with butter and almonds or steamed or roasted broccoli. We’re making this Texas Roadhouse inspired dish in lieu of spending the money on takeout – plus, it’ll feed us forContinue reading “Weekly Meal Plan 4/18/21 – 4/24/21”

Shaw’s Sales 4/16/21 – 4/22/21

View the ad for yourself here. There are lots of really great sales this week, including: New York Strip Steak bone-in, 3lbs+ $5.97/lb limit 2 pkgs Jumbo EZ Peel Raw Shrimp $5.97/lb limit 2 pkgs Fresh salmon fillets $7.97/lb Green Beans 97c/lb Yellow squash and zucchini 97c/lb Eggplant 97c/lb Plum tomatoes 97c/lb Broccoli 97c/lb BumbleContinue reading “Shaw’s Sales 4/16/21 – 4/22/21”

Weekly Meal Plan 4/11/21 – 4/17/21

Taking a look at the sales at Shaw’s this week, we would suggest keeping things simple, with: Loaded salad with cucumbers, peppers, and chicken. Maybe consider a Southwest Salad. Fish and chips – but with actual chips instead of fries. Grab some cod fillets, bread them, bake or fry, and voila. What are you makingContinue reading “Weekly Meal Plan 4/11/21 – 4/17/21”

Shaw’s Sales 4/9/21 – 4/15/21

View the ad for yourself here. The best of this week’s Shaw’s sales include: Boneless chicken breast or thighs 3lbs+ $1.47/lb limit 2 pkgs Cuties 2 lb bag 2/$5 limit 2 bags Fresh cod fillets $6.97/lb limit 2 lbs Rotisserie chicken $4.97 limit 2 FAB 5 – buy 5 or more of these items inContinue reading “Shaw’s Sales 4/9/21 – 4/15/21”

Weekly Meal Plan 4/4/21 – 4/10/21

As Shaw’s continues to offer Easter-themed sales this week, we’d encourage Easter fare whether or not you celebrate the holiday, with ham or beef roast, potatoes, squash, and asparagus. What are you making this week? Let us know in the comments below or share photos of your finished creations on Instagram using hashtag #economicaleats.