Copy-cat Istanbul Kebab House İmam Bayıldı

Until I tried the Vegetable Stuffed Eggplant at Istanbul Kebab House (see our restaurant review here), I didn’t know that a vegetarian dish could be so incredible tasting, so filling, and so hearty. İmam Bayıldı is, according to Istanbul Kebab House, a fire roasted eggplant stuffed with roasted red pepper, onion, tomato, garlic, parsley, toppedContinue reading “Copy-cat Istanbul Kebab House İmam Bayıldı”

Weekly Meal Plan 10/11/20 – 10/17/20

Due to the lack of sales at Shaw’s this week, we were forced to get creative with what we had on hand. We also took advantage of some of last week’s sales to supplement what we already had. Hawaiian BBQ Chicken with Baked Sweet Potatoes and Brown Rice – We had some chicken thighs inContinue reading “Weekly Meal Plan 10/11/20 – 10/17/20”

Shaw’s Sales 10/9/20 – 10/15/20

View the ad for yourself here if the date range above is still active or use the download link below if this week’s sales have passed. Unfortunately, there aren’t too many good sales this week at Shaw’s: Ground beef 80/20 3lbs+ 1.97/lb limit 2 pkgs Red Grapes 97c/lb 1 lb baby carrots 97c 8oz whiteContinue reading “Shaw’s Sales 10/9/20 – 10/15/20”

September 2020 Morocco

Review September’s Spice Madam box has got to be one of the best we’ve received since beginning in November 2018. The Zaalouk Eggplant Dip is such a good, savory pairing with the sweet, nutty Moroccan Bread (which we also dipped in the Harissa sauce that was used on the Harissa Roasted Carrots). The Harissa RoastedContinue reading “September 2020 Morocco”

Copy-cat Hatchet Brussels Sprouts

If you think you hate Brussels sprouts because you tried them once as a kid – you’ve got to give these a try. They are not your mama’s steamed, soggy, bland Brussels sprouts. These are Hatchet’s bacon Bleu cheese Brussels sprouts (see our restaurant review of Hatchet here). Believe me, you will pound these downContinue reading “Copy-cat Hatchet Brussels Sprouts”